Github: Git er done

One of the first things you should do in your path to getting a programming job is create a GitHub account. GitHub is a fabulous site which you can use to store your code and collaborate with others. Virtually every programmer on the planet uses GitHub and the vast majority of open source projects out there are hosted on GitHub. This means that you can go and actually read the code for major projects and even download it and run it on your computer. This provides a great opportunity to read other people’s code so you can see how your peers and other professionals code. You can search of the language (e.g. JavaScript) you are interested in and see the top contributors (or “committer” as they are called on GitHub – when you add code on GitHub it’s called a commit) for that language. There are many other fabulous features of GitHub which I would encourage you to check out here. Getting familiar with GitHub and git (a version control system) is one of the best things you can for your career, so you should go to and git er done!


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