I have written a number of posts on the value of using various strategies and techniques to learn like audiobooks and programming apps. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t value to traditional methods like books. I myself regularly go to the library and check out and read books on programming. I feel like the great advantage that books provide is that they allow you to have singular focus. When listening to podcasts on your phone it is easy to become distracted by texts and other incoming notifications. However when learning from a book you can get a book, got a coffee shop, a home study room, or book a private room at your local library and just focus on the book (leaving your phone and laptop at home is recommended). books

I myself really got into programming after reading Mark Myers fabulous “A smarter way to learn” series and if you are interested in the front-end I recommend you check these out as well. Of course, these are many many programming books available and you can search your local library and post-secondary institutions for the books pertaining to what you want to learn. Books are a great resource and they are for to, because of we learned from Arthur: “Having fun isn’t hard when you have a library card”.

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