Aazir did some great work for me, involving website development, and manipulation of many files, to organize sizable amounts of data and information.
Ed McBean
Assistant Dean  - University of Guelph
Aazir took on an unfamiliar job and was up to speed in no time. He was very pleasant to work with and got the job done.
Rachael Marshall
Researcher  - University of Guelph
Working with Aazir has been an excellent experience. He's professional, prompt and proactive, seeks out additional tasks, works well with other team members, independent and able to problem solve on his own. He's highly intelligent, reliable with tasks and stays well organized
Feng Chang
Associate Professor  - University of Waterloo
Aazir was an excellent staff member with a consistent, positive and enthusiastic attitude. He constantly went out of his way to help other staff and supervisors with their responsibilities and strived to make the work experience the best it could be. Aazir is an exceptional leader.
Martina Dragicevic
Supervisor  - Royal City Soccer Club
Aazir is a valuable member of the Trusted Clothes team. He has a great understanding of key technologies used for web but also has an excellent understanding of writing and content development for marketing. Aazir works independently and can lead a team, is a pleasure to have in our office and other people look up to him and seek him out for advice.
Thomas Schroecker
Lead Web Developer  - Trusted Clothes
Aazir has been a great addition to my content team as well as the web development team at Trusted Clothes. He is very well-versed in the Wordpress content management platform in addition to his solid writing skills. His enthusiasm and skills have been instrumental to the growth of the Trusted Clothes blog and brand, which stands at more than 20,000 readers per month so far.
William Lee
Content Coordinator  - Trusted Clothes